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Local Search & Google Maps Optimization Service

We get you seen and make your phone ring.

Advanced SEO strategies to rank your Google My Business listing in Google Maps & grow customers.

Applies the same tactics to Yelp, Bing, Yahoo! and dozens of business directories to bring you new business.

DIY Guide to GMB Optimization

Google My business optimization
How to optimize your Google My Business listing:

    1. Make sure the business name, address, phone (NAP), website URL listed in GMB all match exactly to the information on your website. If your company name is “Your business, Inc.” on your website that’s exactly what it has to say in GMB (including the comma and period). Change one or the other but they both MUST match exactly.
    2. Make sure your NAP are listed on every page of your website and blog post (phone should be at top and complete info in the footer of every page), as well as links to your social media pages.
    3. If you have multiple locations be sure to “add a location” for each in GMB and optimize each location separately with it’s own photos, etc.
    4. Be as specific as possible when choosing your primary category. Include at least tow more sub-categories. Examine ranking competitors.
    5. Upload at least 20 good photos of your business, products and services, staff, and customers.
    6. First give those photos filenames with one of your keywords plus your city. Don’t overstuff keywords, be natural. Compress all photos for size and speed then geo-tag photos with your business location before uploading. Add NAP and keyword tags and descriptions.
    7. Brand your Google+ profile to your GMB listing.
    8. Create  the free GMB website that is available with each listing.
    9. Post often to both your branded Google+ profile and GMB site and listing because it helps boost your GMB listing in search. Your last post and its featured photo will also show in your GMB profile in Maps.
    10. Get links from other relevant directories to your website, this helps provide ranking power to your GMB listing and website. It also may get you another organic listing. Yelp, Bing. Superpages, Yellopages, etc.
    11. Google Indoor Street View Tour 360 degree photographs are popular and Google is certifying qualified photographers. At least one 360 photo inside your location and another outside is recommended. Ask the photographer to geo-tag the photos with city and state (latitude and longitude really). More Google Indoor Street View info here. We offer this as an option with our services.
    12. Check & Correct your website for site structure and on-page SEO. Titles, category names, H-tags, meta descriptions, category silos, etc.
    13. Do you have a locations page on your website that is titled and optimized to [your services] in [your city and state] for each area you service? (i.e. best plumber in Murrieta CA)
    14. Create and install local business Structured Data Code [schema markup] on your website location pages to better identify your business name, address, phone, and URL to the search engine spiders. and relate it to all other NAP citations on the Internet.
    15. You can also add Structured “reviews data” to your website to show off your customer review stars on search engine results pages (SERPs). This helps increase click-thru rates.

Attention: consumers can sort Google Maps / GMB listings by customer ratings!

google maps can sort by rating

Your customer ratings on Google are more important than ever!

They’re seen immediately. If a user filters their search to include only those with ratings of 4.0 and up does your business show up?

Bonus Tip #1: to get more Google Ratings and Yelp reviews encourage your customers to upload photos of your business and what they bought from you to your Yelp and Google+ listings. This will create natural and organic reviews and lots of them if you train your staff to always ask.

Important: While Google recommends that you ask customers for reviews, Yelp’s Terms of Service strictly forbids it So ask customers to post reviews and photos on Google and those who use Yelp will just naturally do so themselves.

Create and print signs showing that you’re listed in Yelp and Google+ and place them at your countertop. Have staff point out that you’re in these directories and openly encourage the posting of product and business photos to Yelp and Google+.

Bonus Tip #2: create a reviews page on your website with direct links to the URLs to write a review for your business on Google+, Yelp, etc. Make it easy for customers to write reviews.

Optimize Google My Business GMB listing for local seo and local search ranking.

Our Roadmap to the Google Maps Snack Pack & More

Our Local Search & Google Maps Optimization Service is a monthly marketing campaign.
It’s as short or long as you want it to be.
You can pause or cancel the plan at anytime with advanced email notice [stops the upcoming month and beyond].

There are NO contracts locking you into any timeframe.

Because it takes Google time to process new efforts and have them affect local search rankings,
we recommend using our plan for at least three months to see results.

It also takes time to build a solid network of properties, citations, social signals, content, and press releases across the Internet that strengthen your ranking power.

Most businesses will get into the snack pack within three or four months.
If you’re in a very high competition area you may need to continue the campaign longer to climb into the snack pack.

At the end of the day it’s all about leads, calls, and customers.
All three grow as we get your business listed, ranked, and being seen in the places where your customers are searching.

You’ll know what’s going on every step of the way.
We will setup a dedicated Google Drive folder just for you that provides anytime access to all reports and work in progress.

We help you GROW more customers.

Local Search & Google Maps Optimization Service – First 30 Days

google my business and citations optimization

Niche and location based keyword research and analysis.

Keyword Tracking Campaign and Report: we’ll identify and track your most important keywords PLUS another up to two dozen related buyer intent keyword variations.

Google My Business Listing – Create or Claim, Verify, and Optimize

100% completely fill out Google My Business [GMB] profile listing.

GMB competitor category and sub-category research.

Create and upload at least twenty [20] unique rich media photos and videos geo-tagged with location data and embedded with keyword tags and descriptions including categories and business name, address, phone (NAP), website URL.

Business Name, Address, and Phone [NAP] citation audit.

Yelp Business Listing – Create or Claim, Verify, and Optimize

Create forty [40+] NAP directory listings including the four biggest data aggregators; Factual, Axiom, Localize, and Infogroup

Submit all link URLs to Google for indexing.

Days 31 – 60

Social media branding and optimization – create and optimize and listings on over twenty [20+] top social platforms with keyword tags, rich media photos, videos, and interlinking.

Branded social paltforms network

Create G+ brand account [need owner login help or credentials].

G+ brand account with shared photo posts using 20+ rich media, NAP, geo-photos, and links to GMB and G+ pages.

G+ brand account niche relevant article posting. Write and post five (5) unique G+ descriptions and articles.

Google My Map embeds – rich map citations that help extend proximity reach – includes driving directions to extend proximity reach.

Local link strategies – create links between Google properties, social properties, and local listings [your website also if you have one].

We submit all new URLs to Google for indexing.

press releases
First Professional Press Release includes 300+ word article, map embed, and custom links for local maps ranking. It gets distributed to over 450 news agencies like Google News, ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, Associated Press, Wall St. Journal, BY Times, LA Times, USA Today, and hundreds more.

You get a report of all those that pick it up and publish it and a URL to the news release on their site. News releases creates lots of very high-authority links back to your site. Plus you get to display an “as-seen-on ABC, NBC, Fox, Chicago Tribune, etc.” for whoever picked it up.

Days 61-90

Apple Maps Listing – Claim, Verify, and Optimize

Bing Places Listing – Claim, Verify, and Optimize

Claim or create an additional forty [40] business directory listings and manually build and optimize them to further grow your brand presence, backlinks, and strengthen your GMB listing.

Submit NAP to six (6) GPS mapping listing services. We submit your NAP and mapping data to these public GPS services that have google-indexed mapping platforms.

Days 91-120

Branding through Google and Social Networks continued…

We build about forty (40) name-branded social links from high authority platforms like social sharing sites, media sharing sites, and industry-specific directories.

We create locally optimized Pinterest boards and places pins with your NAP that create powerful authority links.

Google Maps rich media NAP embeds. We embed a Google place map with rich media citations [NAP, photo, keywords, content, links etc.] and embed and share it on more niche relevant sites.

Google sites networks and authority stack.

google properties stack or network

We create a “Google Site” that relates to your target keywords with unique content, rich media, a Google map embed, and more.

We create brand accounts and content on other Google properties including YouTube, Docs, Slides, My Maps, Blogger, and others which we fill with rich media NAP citations and interlink them all together to boost your brand recognition and maps rankings.

Local link strategies – we create links between your GMB listing and your Google properties and social properties networks, your website if you have one, and other local listings.

We submit all links and URLs to Google for indexing.

2nd Press Release includes 300+ word article, map embed, and custom links for local maps ranking. It gets distributed to 450 news agencies – Google News, ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, Associated Press, Wall St. Journal, BY Times, LA Times, USA Today,  and hundreds more.

Days 121+

Create GMB website and optimize with a 1,000+ word article, map embed, NAP, website URL and link.

Create forty [40] more secondary NAP business directory listings based on your location and the cannabis niche.

Create a dozen [12+] articles for geo-network, these are location articles to create larger map footprint and geo-relevance to the brand and NAP.Web 2.0 Network

Create driving direction google maps with rich media citations and embed in geo-network articles to extend proximity search reach [even for hidden address locations].

Geo-network map


Each month afterwards we’ll continue to add at least twenty [20+] new NAP citations, 10 more rich-media NAP citation photos, and five (5) new and unique content articles of 300 words or more written and published throughout your inter-linked network of Google properties, geo-networks, blogs, branded social network, and your website if you have one. A 300+ word press release will also be created and published every other month.

We submit all new URLs to Google for indexing.

In month six we’ll analyze your Google snack pack map rankings and competition to see what mix of strategies are best to employ moving forward. A mixture of content creation, content syndication, press releases and guest posting for backlinks, rich media citations, and local SEO will be used to maintain top rankings.

satisfaction-guarantee *Google states that no person or company can guarantee specific ranking positions like the number one spot because the fate of that is in the hands of Google, Bing, Yahoo!, Yelp, etc. Google also warns of websites, companies, and salespeople claiming they have a special relationship with Google, no one does.

Search rankings also vary by the type of device being used and the searchers proximity to your business address.

What we can guarantee is increased calls from increased rankings and brand visibility.
More eyeballs will be seeing your company in local searches and more of them calling your phone or getting routing driving directions to your business. 

You will get increased visibility, calls, and leads from better Google Maps and Yelp rankings.

It’s all about being seen.

Google My Business Insights provides calls data. Call tracking numbers can also provide data on how many leads you’re getting.

Nearly all of our clients make it into the snack pack within three or four months.

Our guarantee: if you use our plan for six consecutive months and your Google My Business listing does not rank in the top three listings in Google Maps for the local search of “your industry in your city and state” after six months then we will pause your payments and keep working until we get it ranking in the top three visible Google maps listings [on a smartphone in that city using Google search with location services turned on].

At the end of the day it’s all about leads, calls, and customers.
All three GROW once we get your business ranking and being seen in the places your customers are searching.

We’ll help you GROW more customers.

We got ourselves in the snack pack!

Let us help you get there and GROW!

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Get More Clicks, Calls, and Customers

$99 Yelp Only Optimizer

Optimize Yelp Listing
$99/one time
  •  +One time charge
  • Keyword research for top 3 keywords
  • Categories research for top 3 categories
  • Write a keyword optimized Specialties description
  • Write an optimized History description
  • Write an optimized Meet the Business Owner description
  • [with input help from owner]
  • Input correct business hours, contact info, payment info, parking, etc.
  • Create & post ten [10] optimized and geo-tagged stock photos with NAP & keyword tags
  • Provide WordPress plugin for your website manager to display your Yelp reviews

Local Search & Google Maps Optimization PLUS

Local Maps + Website Marketing
  • Includes the Local Search & Google Maps Optimization Service
  • PLUS Website SEO & Content Marketing Management
  • Month one [1] starts with:
  • On-site search engine optimization [SEO] of your website [up to 10 pages]
  • Edit URL structure, categories, titles, meta, H tags, image tags, alt tags, etc. as needed for keywords
  • Competitor analysis – identify what top rankers are doing & formulate game plan
  • Install Yoast SEO WordPress plugin, create sitemaps & robots.txt files
  • Connect Google Search Console & Google Analytics to your website
  • Schema markup on Home, Contact Us, and up to 5 Location Pages
  • Reputation Management System [Basic Plan]
  • Optimize or create your brand’s top fifteen [15] social profiles
  • Social brand drip: brand name mentions on the network of social sites we created.
  • Guest Posting for link building: manual outreach and creation of two guest-post articles of 500+ words.
  • Professional Press Release to target keyword and distributed to over 450 news agencies.
  • Submit all URL’s to Google for indexing
  • Each month in includes continued website SEO efforts to create blog content, build links, create traffic, and convert it to growing lists, leads, and sales.

All plans and prices shown are per business location.

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