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Keyword Research Services

Attract qualified leads to your website to generate leads

Professional keyword research services for your local business

Can you build house without a foundation? No, of course not.

Yet every single day businesses build their websites without first building its foundation. And then they wonder why they get little or no traffic, visitors, leads, or sales from it.

You don’t create Internet traffic, you find where it is and then build content about it to attract visitors.

People are already using words or phrases to find businesses, products, services, answers, and solutions that are related to your business.

First you find these treasured keyword phrases and then you create content that will provide solutions to their problems and answers to their questions.

keywords = opportunities

The job of keyword research and analysis is to find the words or phrases people are using the most and that apply to your business. Next you sort them to find those that have the best commercial intent behind them.

Commercial intent means that the words or phrases being used indicate that the person is likely to need your services or products either right away or soon.

Target the right keywords and you’ll attract very qualified prospects to your content. Target the wrong keywords with little or no commercial intent or that simply have little or no traffic, and you’ll hear crickets and be wasting your time.

Our professional keyword research and analysis services finds the keyword phrases that best apply to your business then sorts them by commercial intent, topic, and volume.

We use a variety of professional keyword tools and our extensive knowledge and experience with search engine optimization and keyword research to zero in on the keywords that will attract people who want what you have to offer.

In 2018 and beyond Google and other search engines now look for in-depth content about a topic.

Our keyword research services provide you with the most relevant main topic for each of your products and services and up to ten (10) relevant sub-headings to use for each.

This provides you the outline to write your entire content page with main topic and sub-topics included so it is able to rank and attract traffic for a variety of related topical keywords and provide have a better opportunity to generate leads and sales.

Our keyword research services process:

Step 1.  Phone consultation with you – first we speak with you to learn more about your business, products, services, the area(s) you serve, and who your customers and competitors are. 

Then we’ll discuss what your goals are, which products and services are most important to you and that you want to generate the most leads for.

Step 2. Current content rankings – next we look at what content you currently have on your website and how it’s ranking.

Step 3. Keyword discovery – we begin our search based on your products, services, area(s) served, and your goals and desires.

Step 4. Commercial intent – next we eliminate all keywords that have little or no commercial intent. We get rid of all the search terms people are using that do not indicate the need for help, answers, or solutions to your products and services.

Step 5. Competitor keywords – next we seek out what keywords your top three competitors are ranking for, getting traffic from, and that also have commercial intent.

Step 6. Topical – we then group keywords by topic using the highest volume keyword phrase with the best commercial intent as the primary keyword phrase and up to ten (10) related and relevant sub-topics.

Step 7. Completed Keywords Report – once all the work is completed we provide you with an Excel spreadsheet report containing each main topic keyword phrase and the supporting headings that should be used for each topic.

We’ll also include suggestions for your website if you have content on it already that could be edited to address our report findings.

Total timeframe from phone consultation to a completed keywords report is usually seven (7) business days.

Get started today and stop wasting time on creating content that won’t help your business.

Zero in on qualified prospects that can generate real leads for your company’s sales team.

Lets our pro’s do it and give yourself a fighting chance to compete for qualified traffic and leads.

Or check out our video on keyword research for a glimpse of how do it yourself if you prefer.

Also check out our guide to local search engine optimization.

Keyword Research Service Plans

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