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Managed SEO Services

Managed website SEO & digital marketing plans

Attract more customers & stay connected to your existing ones to grow your business

Managed SEO Services & Digital Marketing Plans for Small Business

Do you want more local customers coming in from your website and online searches?

Would you like to focus more on operating your business while digital marketing professionals help bring more leads and sales to your business?

Our hands-free and customized managed SEO services and digital marketing plans do exactly that. We take care of your website and digital marketing so you can go back to running your business and doing what you’re good at.

Most all of your prospects and customers are glued to their phones, tablets, and computers today. So if your business wants to reach and attract more of them, and keep the ones you already have, your business needs to thrive on the Internet. That means your brand, website, and your business’s online reputation are more important than ever before.

Marketing has always been a big part of every local business growth strategies but today, in the age of the smartphone, it has become an essential component of your company’s ability to even exist into the future.

We provide your company with a team of digital marketing experts working hard to manage your website and online marketing and help you grow your business and thrive in our new digital world.

To succeed and thrive, every business must:

1) attract new customers

2) provide a great customer experience

3) stay connected to your existing customers

4) manage your online reputation

5) do it all profitably

Our Managed SEO & Digital Marketing Plans are designed to provide your company with powerful marketing solutions to help you do all five and successfully grow your business where all your customers are – online.

All Plans Include:

Website SEO

Content Marketing

Link Building

Google Maps Optimization

Customer Loyalty Program

Email & Text Marketing

Reputation Management

Every marketing plan is extensively researched, planned, and fully customized specifically for your company and its unique needs and goals.

You’re provided with 24/7 anytime-access to a private and custom online ranking and reporting dashboard we setup for you so you can see real-time changes and improvements to your website rankings, Google My Business listing and rankings, other directory listings and citations, backlinks, website technical SEO corrections, Google Analytics, social media signals, online reviews, and local search summary analysis.

You’ll also be assigned a dedicated account manager. If you have questions he or she is but a phone call or email away [during normal business hours, M-F 9-5].

You’ll have monthly update calls to review what’s been done, how our work has been improving your website, visibility, and traffic, and what our game plan for the next month is.

We do NOT lock you into any long-term contracts. All of our managed website and marketing plans are month-to-month. We earn your business by helping you grow your business.

managed seo services and digital marketing plans

Each plan follows Google’s webmaster guidelines and targets the 7 most important website ranking factors that will help your company grow:

1. A responsive and interactive website that is optimized to rank in search engines, provide valuable content to your prospects and customers alike to keep them coming back for more, and converts visitors into mailing lists, leads, and customers.

2. Search engine optimization (SEO) & Schema Markup to improve the structure and coding of your website so search engines like Google can understand your site and its content better and give it a chance to rank high for local searches. It starts with keyword research and competitor analysis to laser-focus on the best traffic for your business, products, and services.

Schema markup and structured data code is used to help rankings and communicate with search engines and voice search systems like Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, Google Home, and Microsoft Cortana in a machine language they understand so your business has a chance to get recommended by those devices.

3. An optimized Google My Business listing designed to rank at or near the top in local searches for your products and services and attract new customers from the world’s most popular search engine.

4. Online reputation management that allows your website visitors to write and read customer reviews, scans the internet daily for reviews of your company and allows you to reply to each, and provides tools to proactively grow the number and quality of number of customer reviews your company has.

5. Optimized listings of your business in dozens of the most important business directories on the Internet that people use everyday like Yelp, Bing Local, Yahoo! Local, YellowPages, etc. as well as local and industry-specific directories.

6. Link building through branded content networks, outreach, infographics, guest posting, and press releases to drive links, authority, and traffic to your domain.

7. Social signals though branded social properties and syndicating your website content through those platforms to drive links, social signals, and traffic back to your domain.

Important: WordPress Only.  We work on WordPress websites only.  If you’re not sure you can check the bottom footer bar to see if says you have a WordPress website. You can also check by putting your domain name in the top address bar followed by “/wp-admin” without the quotes and then hit enter. If a WordPress login page shows up you have a WordPress website. You can also use this website to check if your site is a WordPress website.

Our 10-Step Website SEO & Digital Marketing Process

Our managed SEO and digital marketing plans are 100% customized to your business. Every single plan is well-researched and customized to the exact needs and goals of your local business and your website.

We use an 10-step process to get your local business ranked in search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo! and others so your website attracts more qualified traffic and converts visitors into leads, sales, and customers to grow your business.

Step 1. Welcome & Discovery Call: takes place 1-2 business days after signup

Here we speak with you at length and in detail about your company, what your goals are, how much new business you can handle, your products and services, who your customers are, and who your top competitors are.

We’re going to discuss and help you calculate the lifetime value [LTV] of your average customer, what marketing and advertising you’re currently doing, what’s working and what’s not, and what your key performance indicators are. All of this helps us customize your marketing plan to meet your specific needs and goals.

Step 2: Know Your Customers – keyword research

Every campaign begins with in-depth keyword research to identify what content your prospects and customers are already seeking the most online.

We find the most qualified traffic in your industry that will bring highly targeted traffic to your website and is the most likely to convert into leads, sales, and customers.

We look for “easy win” keywords with low competition that you can actually rank for and that will bring in real customers. We don’t just want traffic, we want qualified traffic that’s ready to buy.

We’ll also look at your websites’ ranking history to see if it’s ever been penalized. This will let us know what needs to be fixed or watched for as we proceed.

Step 3: Competition Analysis

We then perform a competitive research analysis to find out what high-volume, low-competition keyword traffic your business is missing out on.

We’ll find all of the keywords your competitors are ranking for and that you’re currently missing out on which may be ideal to target.

We also examine what traffic your site is already indexed and ranking for but is not showing up on page one and therefore needs a ranking boost.

Step 4: On-Site SEO of Your Website 

Once we have your company goals and keyword research data analysis we can then begin to edit your website’s fundamental structures for optimization for search engines with proper URL’s, titles, heading tags, meta descriptions, image alt tags and more so that each page is designed to help it rank in  search engines.

We’ll setup and integrate Google Search Console and Google Analytics so we can measure and you can see where your traffic is coming from, how many are coming, how long they’re staying, where they go, etc..   

We’ll also install schema markup code to your home page, contact us page, product and services pages, location pages, reviews, and blog posts to help your site speak to search engines and voice search devices in the machine readable language that they understand.

Once completed we create sitemaps and robots.txt files and submit them to Google for indexing. This lets Google know your website has changed and they need to send their crawler though and read the site again with all of it’s new updates.

Step 5: Google My Business & Directory Citations Optimization

Your Google My Business [GMB] directory listing is a major ranking factor to Google and other search engines.

To get it ranking we step in and optimize it with category and sub-category research, GMB competitor research, keyword optimized descriptions, products and services, and upload photos that have been optimized with your business name, address, phone [NAP], website URL, and geo-tagged with your location latitude-longitude.

We use software to scan the Internet for all listings of your business name, address, and phone [NAP] and start cleaning up incomplete, incorrect, inconsistent, and duplicate listings. These are the primary cause of poor search rankings.

Step 6: Reputation Management

We install and configure a reputation management software system into your website that allows you to take control of your online reputation and become proactive in growing online reviews from your customers and managing reviews about your company everywhere on the Internet.

The system will allow your website visitors to write and read reviews right on your site.

Those on-site reviews will integrate with schema markup (structured data code) which enables review stars to show up in your search results listings on Google, Bing and elsewhere [a.k.a. rich snippets] .

Step 7: Content Creation

Once we have all of that keyword research and competition analysis data we then create in-depth, well researched journalistic content rooted in facts, data, and valuable information to target selected online traffic that’s in the buying stage and most likely to convert to new leads, sales, and customers.

Creating great content is all about providing value to your website visitors. It answers their questions, solves their problems, informs, and provides insight to them on how your products and services can help them the most.

Quality content that visitors find valuable is more likely to get shared and linked to, both of which expose your business to more prospects and help get your content ranked better in search engines.

Our professional writers create content that is designed from beginning to end to rise and rank on page one in Google, Bing, Yahoo! and others for the search terms targeted.

Step 7: Promotion & Building Links to Your Content

Once your SEO optimized content is published we then start to build high-quality, diverse links from well respected sources in your industry and location that will help get your content ranked.

We utilize press releases, infographics, and guest posts to attract high-quality links back to your site and help rank your site in local searches.

We manually reach out to high-authority relevant sites in your industry and area to publish quality guest posts aimed at growing links, search rankings, and traffic.

We check your existing backlinks and the anchor text being used. We’ll look to see if your links are over-optimized for specific keywords. This allows us to be sure to use the right anchor text as we build out links to your site.

Each business and website has unique needs. We customize each plan to provide exactly what your site needs.

Step 8: Creating Company Branded Networks

Over time we create dozens of branded social, blog, geo-location, and Google properties networks with your business name, address, and phone [NAP] and syndicate article content through them to create links, social signals, extend search proximity, and create traffic to your company website.

Here we’ll also start creating local area interest articles about things to do and paces to go in your local area with embedded driving directions maps.

These help further establish your location[s] to Google and others and are a proven and effective tool in growing local links and better local search rankings.

Step 9: Customer Loyalty Program

Staying connected to your existing customers is vital to keeping advertising costs down and growing your business.

We will setup and provide you with our all-in-one customer loyalty program that includes text message and email marketing so you can send regular promotions, coupons, event announcements, surveys, e-cards, and more.

We’ll install and customize signup forms on your website so visitors can easily join your VIP / Loyalty program.

The system also includes a customer reward system using a point system that does NOT require any terminals or kiosks.

Step 10. Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

We’ll use Google Analytics and Search Console to measure and analyze all of this new traffic and see if visitors are taking the actions we want them to take on specific pages.

We’ll be able to see how well your site, pages, and funnels are converting visitors into leads and adjust design, content, media, and offers to achieve the best possible conversion rate of traffic into leads.

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Managed SEO Services & Digital Marketing Plan Pricing

Secure PayPal checkout. Pay with any credit card. NO PayPal account is needed.

Have more than 3 locations? We can customize a plan to meet any need. Contact us for a custom quote.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I talk with someone before I sign up?

Yes, you can setup a FREE consultation right on our calendar here.

Do I have to sign a long term contract?

NO, all of our plans are month-to-month and you can cancel the next month’s work at anytime with at least a five [5] day written notice. Payment for each month’s work is required in advance.

Do I get to approve the articles and topics you write about?

Yes. Once our keyword research and competitor analysis are completed we’ll discuss the results with you and you’ll get to approve every piece of content we create.

Can you write about my industry?

Yes absolutely. We create well researched journalistic content customized to your exact industry, location, products and services. We’ll also be creating articles that will solely be about the cities you want to reach customers in. These city articles help Google and others better define your location to help rank in local searches.

Do you post directly to my blog?

Yes. We will be managing your website and posting all content directly to your blog and website. We’ll also be syndicating that content throughout the networks of blog, social, and Google properties we create for you [over time].

Can you guarantee results?

Google and other search engines have clearly warned against using companies that guarantee search engine rankings. Google explicitly states that “No one can guarantee a #1 ranking on Google.”

We strictly follow Google’s webmaster guidelines and use only “white hat” search engine optimization techniques. We do guarantee that if you use one of our managed SEO plans for six consecutive months and we have not increased your visibility, local search rankings, website traffic, and incoming leads by the end of those six months then we will stop charging you but keep working until we achieve those results.

How do you measure success?

By increasing the number of leads you get from the Internet and by more of your existing customers returning for repeat business.

This is the result of improved search engines rankings, content marketing, reputation management, social media signals, and staying connected to your existing customers using our all-in-one customer loyalty program.

Who owns the content, properties, and networks you build?

You do. You own everything we build and are given login credentials to each and every directory, blog, and social account we create.

How long does it take to start ranking in Google and other search engines?

That is completely in the control of Google and other search engines. Typically it takes three to six months for results to show up in search rankings but it could be faster or longer depending on your business type, location, and competition.

How do I know which keywords to target?

We perform extensive keyword and competitive research using a variety of tools. We then present those results to you and have a discussion about which ones are the best for your business to target.

If I cancel will you erase my results?

No. You own everything we build and create for your business. You can cancel the next month’s work at anytime with a three (3) day written notice by email or letter. We will send you confirmation of cancellation and a file containing all of your login credentials for all directories and properties we have built for your business (which you receive as we’re building them anyway).

Important: the Reputation Management system and the Customer Loyalty Program are third-party products with monthly fees. If you want to keep those, there is a monthly cost you will need to pay direct to those companies (the price depends on the number of contacts in your customer loyalty database and how many messages you send per month, etc.). We can arrange for you to keep those programs if you desire.

I’m already ranked #1 for my business name. How can you help?

Good! You should dominate the entire page one and beyond if searching your business name. Potential customers who don’t know you or who are looking for all businesses like yours in their area however will not be typing in your business name. They’ll be using many variations of “your product or service in their city” or questions about specific products or services like yours and how they might help them. That’s the traffic we’re looking for and want to reach.

Who will be working on my project?

Your point of contact will be your dedicated account manager and all the work will be performed by our SEO, website, and content writing teams with decades of combined experience.

I don’t have a WordPress website, can you build one for us?

Yes, we also provide complete web design and development services. Contact us here to discuss that with us.

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