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Grow more positive online customer reviews and put it on autopilot!

Business Reputation Management

Online reputation management is an absolutely essential part of your company’s online business brand and marketing efforts.

Customer reviews can make or break your online reputation and your business.

Our online reputation management software puts you in charge of your online reviews. Grow more positive reviews and re-direct customers with negative experiences to you to be privately handled offline.

Business Reputation Statistics You Can’t Afford to Ignore

88% consumers say online customer reviews of a business are as important to them as a personal recommendation from a friend. – BrightLocal

That same survey shows that 85% of consumers will read up to 10 reviews before deciding to do business with a company. That makes sense, when you have a lot of reviews an obvious trend starts to emerge about your online reputation. Having just a few reviews makes it harder to judge just how good you really are.

22 percent of consumers will NOT buy your product or service after reading just 1 negative review and if you have 4 or more negative reviews you can say goodbye to about 70 percent of all potential customers.SmallBizTrends

A 2017 study shows that 63% of consumers look for and find online reviews to be a vital part of choosing a dentist.Dentist’s Money Digest

That same study found that less than 5% of consumers think online reviews are not important when choosing a cosmetic dentist.

76% of professionals research a company’s online reputation before considering a job opportunity. GlassDoor

Having no reviews at all can be just as bad as having negative ones. Nobody wants to be the “guinea pig.” They want to do business with a company with a solid online reputation.

Boosting your Yelp rating by just one star can increase a company’s revenues anywhere from 5 to 9 percent.” – Harvard Business School

As you can see, your business’s online reputation management is crucial to your business success.

So if you’re not taking advantage of using online customer reviews as a marketing tool and displaying reviews on your website, and especially your product and services pages, then about 88 percent of consumers are going to hit the road and never come back.

Showing online customer reviews on your website can also have a positive affect of your search rankings in Google. Online reputation reviews are an important search engine ranking metric, especially in the priceless real estate of Google’s local three pack that shows up in Google maps when someone does a local search.

What are YOU dong about online reputation management?

Today’s consumer has a smartphone and a world of information at their fingertips. Once they find a product or service they’re looking for their next step is to find a reputable business to purchase it from. Nothing is more reassuring to a consumer than lots of good reviews about a company. On the opposite end, nothing will make them look for a different company faster than seeing bad reviews.

And don’t try to “fake it.” Fake reviews are pretty obvious most of the time and if consumers smell a rat, the damage to your online reputation may be significant and irreversible. Nobody likes a liar.

Consumers also want to see recent reviews. It’s only natural they deem those to be more relevant. So your business needs on ongoing marketing effort to consistently get customers to place reviews online and then you need to display them everywhere possible.

Business reputation management is vital to growing your business.

Tips for Getting More Online Reviews

Besides using our online reputation management tool here are a few things your business can do to get more reviews, and how to handle bad reviews.

How do you get more online reviews? Ask for them. Let customers know their feedback is invited and after the transaction make it easy for them to leave a review on a variety of platforms that you prefer, especially Google+, Yelp, etc.

Yelp does not want businesses to ask for reviews but you can certainly ask them to post photos of your products and services there, which will encourage reviews just naturally being written.

Have consumers write reviews from their own phones or computers. Google and others will see the IP address where the reviews are coming from and will not give as much weight in ranking to those that are all coming from the same tablet in your office.

Place signs in your customer service area of your business letting customers know you’re on Google+, Yelp, Facebook, and other review sites, which will encourage them to leave reviews there.

Show off the reviews you do have. Online reputation management software like ours will automatically search the web and place your best reviews on your website daily. You could also have a tablet or computer in the customer service area of your business that shows off you latest and best reviews.

Thank those that leave positive reviews. Let the world see you’re interested in your customer’s experience and that you take the time to listen to them.

What about bad reviews, how do you handle them? Well lets look at this stats above again and think about what the lifetime value of a customer is to your business.

If a bad review makes just one prospect turn around and leave how much did that cost your business? When possible, do what you can to make things right and consider that even losing money to do so maybe worth it if the reviewer is willing to improve their rating of you once you make things right for them.

You should also be using bad reviews to improve all of your processes and your customers experience.

Should you respond to bad reviews? Most of the time, silence on your part to a bad review is bad for you. First be sure there are NOT any legal issues that may arise from the review before replying. If all is clear then responding is almost always the better route to take.

Consumers want to see that you at least tried to make things right with customers who left a bad review (offered a refund, free upgrade, or exchange, etc.). If they see no response from you at all, that’s going to be looked upon as a good thing. They want to see you care about your customers and your online business reputation.

If the reviewer is misstating the facts, very politely try to openly communicate that misconception and win back the customer. NEVER argue in a reply, that will only makes things worse on every level. Take it offline and communicate with them privately.

How to respond to bad reviews:

1. Cool down – never reply when you’re angry.

2. Ask your staff for their side of the story. Find out what happened and what can be done to correct it. Always give the customer the benefit of the doubt that they’re right.

3. If your company screwed up, be real, acknowledge it, apologize, and offer to make things right.

4. Write like a person, not a company. Show them you care.

5. Contact them offline to try and make things right.

Our Reputation Management Software Tool for WordPress Websites:


  • Allows you to collect reviews from anywhere on your site
  • Allows for outbound Email and SMS campaigns to collect reviews
  • You choose which reviews sites to direct them to. From over 50 including Google Maps, Home Advisor, Angie’s List, etc.
  • Helps prevent negative reviews by redirecting unsatisfied customer to you to be handled offline.
  • Provides review alerts – it scans the entire Internet daily for new reviews about your company so you can respond.
  • Auto-posts your reviews to your website and your social media channels (Facebook and Twitter)

Here’s How It Works

How our reputation-management-software-widget works.

Our online reputation management software provides you with a simple snippet of code that gets installed on your website. With it, you can collect reviews from anywhere on your website.

If your customers leave a positive 4 or 5 star rating they’re presented with a list of sites you choose to leave a review.

If they rate you 3 stars or less then they’re directed to a page to send you a private message about what went wrong with their experience so you have a chance to correct the issue.

Your Choose Which Review Sites

Our online reputation management software lets you customize which review sites you want your customers to leave reviews on.

Choose from over 50 review sites including Google, Yelp, Facebook, TripAdvisor, and more.

You choose which review sites you want customers to leave reviews on.

Prevent Negative Reviews

Bad reviews can usually be prevented because they’re often just a case of misunderstanding.

Our system pre-qualifies the customers opinion of their experience with you.

If they reply with a negative experience they’re sent to a form to share their issues with you so you can handle it offline for possible correction.

The system is designed to give you a chance to make things right or communicate any misunderstandings BEFORE the customer leaves a bad review on a review site.

Reputation Alerts – Monitor Your Reputation

Our system not only helps you increase the number of your positive reviews but it also searches the entire Internet for reviews left anywhere so you can see and respond to them quickly.

Get reputation alerts whenever someone posts a review anywhere online.
Our reputation management software auto posts reviews to your social media channels.

Auto-Post Reviews to Your Social Media Platforms

Our reputation management software widget will automatically post your positive reviews to your Facebook and/or Twitter pages to keep a constant stream of positive reviews flowing throughout your channels.

Connect your social media accounts to the system and then the software does it all for you!

The Setup Process

Step 1. Join & Install Widget

Join our program and install your custom widget. Place it anywhere on your site you want: website footer, blog sidebar, home page, etc. There’s also a footer widget for your emails. You can customize it to select which review sites you want to send your customer reviews to.

Step 2. Your Customers Rate You

Customers will rate you on a scale of 1 to 5 stars. Four and five star reviews are prompted to leave a review on the review sites you chose. Any ratings less than four stars are sent to a private form to have the customer tell you about they experience and divert them away from review sites. This gives you a chance to correct any issues.

Step 3. You Grow More Reviews

You get more reviews on the sites that matter to you most and they get shared on your website and social media channels. Your reviews go up and with it so do your search rankings, customer trust, sales, and profits. A review carousel will display the positive reviews you’ve received to visitors.

Our Online Reputation Management Software Tool

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