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Facebook Advertising Services

Affordable online advertising for local businesses

We provide Facebook advertising services to local businesses to grow leads and sales.

Why Advertise on Facebook?

Answer: It’s where your customers are.  An AdWeek 2017 study found the following dramatic insights in to the rapidly changing behavior of the American consumer:

The average American spends:

40 minutes per day on YouTube
35 minutes per day on Facebook
25 minutes per day on SnapChat
15 minutes per day in Instagram
1 minute per day on Twitter

“In the U.S.A. one out of every five minutes people spend on their mobile phone is on Facebook or Instagram.”Facebook study

**Time spent of Facebook and Instagram are now almost equal to the amount of time the average person spends watching television or movies.**

“That’s where the eyeballs are.” ~ some old Madison Ave ad guy once said.

Is your business being seen?

Both the number of people using social media and the amount of time per day they use it are increasing every year with no end in sight.

Video and live video on social media are also growing rapidly.

Facebook is the best way of advertising online for local business.
Everyone is on Facebook and Instagram so they're perfect for online advertising.

Facebook is the most targeted form of advertising available on the planet.

Facebook advertising provides the most amazing demographics targeting ever seen. Zoom in on a local area, gender, income, age, likes, dislikes, connections, associations, purchase behavior, etc.

Facebook knows more about everybody than anybody and when you’re advertising all of that information is incredibly valuable. It enables you narrow your audience to the most highly qualified prospects that align to your business.

Advertising has always been about targeting a motivating ad with the perfect audience(s). Facebook lets you do that better than anyone. In many ways.

Create custom audiences and save them for later use and further refinement.

Split test two or more audiences with the same ad or vice-versa. Find out which ones perform better and test more options against those, keep refining and optimizing.

You can create custom audiences using:

    • your existing customer file – Facebook will create an audience from your existing customer files of those who are on Facebook.
    • website traffic – embed the Facebook pixel on your website and it will create a list of people who have visited your website or took actions on landings pages with the FB pixel.
    • engagement – create a list of people who have engaged with your Facebook or Instagram content
    • offline activity – create a list of people who engaged with your business offline; in the store, by phone, email, or other means.

You can also create audiences that “look like” any of your custom audiences of just your customer database file. This is an incredibly powerful tool! Facebook will scan your customer file or one of more of your chosen custom audiences for common traits and create a model of the common traits that most or all of your audience shares.

Once Facebook creates that look-a-like model, you can now use it advertise to a whole new set of cold prospects but who match up as close as possible with the traits your existing successful audiences. Look-a-like audiences perform much better than pure cold targeting.

Create custom “retargeting” audiences of people who had visited your website already. If you have a Facebook pixel installed on your website or landing pages then you can run “retargeting ads” just to those folks who’ve already been to your site and therefore have shown an interest in your company. You can use FB pixels at various stages of a marketing funnel and re-market to those who didn’t complete it all the way. This is very powerful marketing.

Facebook provides the most highly targeted online advertising in the world.

Facebook is budget-friendly & the most affordable advertising online.

The good news is Facebook ads costs less than most all other forms of advertising. Plus you can start with a small amount of money, and ad flexibility is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced – stop – start – split test – analyze and edit on the fly.

Once you’re ad account, ad copy, graphics, and landings pages are all setup, you can run ads for as little as $5 per day. 

The results are measurable. You can calculate return on investment (ROI) right within the Facebook ad and business manager and know what exactly works and what doesn’t.

Create brand awareness. Start getting your name out in the local area. Get noticed by the people in your industry and town, through your ads that link to your website and videos.

Build engagement – drive traffic to your website and grow your marketing lists. Get likes, shares, and comments, and reply to all of them.

Facebooks Ads Provide A Wide Range of Goals Targeting

Get people to notice – brand, reach, message, it’s based on views, etc.

Get people to engage  – click thru traffic to your website, lead generation, video views, send you a message, etc.

Get people to act – online conversion into a sale or lead, or a in-store visit using an online coupon, etc.

facebook mobile ads to grow business

Advantages of Facebook Video Ads

Everyone’s watching video!

Video tells a story.

They’re packed with information in a very short time.

Video is great for teaching & informing.

More people share video.

Video converts better.

Mobile loves video.

Search engines love video.

Humans mostly want a full multi-media experience.

Facebook video ads are powerful marketing tools

How Our Facebook Ad Services Work

Step 1. Sign Up & Provide Info

Sign up then provide us with your contact and ad information. What is ad topic? What is in it for the customer? Etc. If you don’t know that’s okay too, we’re 100% hands-on and can help you all the way thru the process. We’ll also walk you through the process of approving us (Video4Traffic) as a partner of your Facebook ad account so we can run ads for you.

Step 2. Creating & Approval

We will create four ad images and two ad copy variations. We will setup the cold and retargeting ads on Facebook. We will also create a sales funnel on a stand alone site with a domain name related to yours (unless we’re already managing your WP website). You get to approve all content before it’s released. Once approved, the ads are released, tracked, analyzed, and optimized continuously.

Step 3. Reporting

You will receive instant email notifications of all leads. Optimization of all parts of the ad and funnel will be ongoing to achieve the best possible conversion rates. You’ll receive detailed weekly reporting.

Our Facebook Ad Campaign Plans

These are our setup, creation, and management fees. Ad dollars spent are separate.

After checkout at PayPal you’ll be taken to a page on our site to provide us the information needed to process your order.

Secure PayPal checkout. Pay with any credit card. NO PayPal account is needed.

Questions? Call us Mon-Fri 9am-5pm PST at 951-443-5274 or setup a FREE consult directly on our calendar.

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